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Keeping tabs has never been this easy.

Great Family app

Great app to verify and let know to your beloved ones where you/they are...we have 4 kids, I do a lot of travels my wife and myself find this very helpful

Very good

Easy to update your group members location when theyre away grow wifi... A lifesaver!


Parabéns muito útil!!!

Bom. O melhor.

Prático e útil. Sem falhas. 5*


Faltou funcionar off

Muito BOM !

Very GOOD !

Very good App, Life 360

We use it to see where each other is or even was. Only our 18 year old son didnt wanted to be traced and and steped out. He was the one who checked us out, like when is Mom home to be first at dinner, or where are the other 4 of us and wont disturb him playing Fifa...!

Good app

App is accurate and does what it promises. The free version also works fine.


Good App, I know when my husband will arrive at home or when my parents are home.


Love this app! For my kids the perfekt solution when they are getting late home and dont answer the phone :)

Great for the family

Love that this works with all phones. Great way to keep track of everyone.


I love being able to see where my teenage daughter is!

August 2016 Update - Terrible

Used to work great - New version is horrible - Doesnt update - Always "cannot locate" family member

Great update!

I love the visual of the history. Its a comfort to know if family members have reached their destinations safely.

Life 360 is a great app

My family and I always use this app; to look and see where someone is, or get notifications when someone comes home. I totally recommend this.

The Best app ever

This app is amazing keeps me and my family connected no matter were we are even if we are on vacation in any country . This app gives us peace of mind and I recommend every family to have it . You have nothing to loose its free just give it a try and you will see why its so amazing. I give it a 5/5 stars

Part of my emergency plan

Living in a seismic zone means we may need to find each other. This app gives peace of mind.


This app really awesome we had to get it because one of family member dont have iPhone any more but we love it how works really well and lets you know when arrived pretty awesome

Most inhumane app ever

Your track your family members because you do t want to call them ,sure they can lie but they will mostly be truthful about where they are ,its like the FBI tracking a drug cartel to ambush. So you are the FBI and your family are the cartels

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